Podcast: NIT Quarterfinals UAB Vanderbilt Preview (3/21)

Photo by UAB Athletics

In this episode John Duncan, Darion Smith, and Jimmy Marion recap UAB’s win over Morehead State in the second round of the NIT, preview UAB’s quarterfinals game against Vanderbilt, and more. Don’t forget to check out Blazer Victory’s UAB football spring practice interview with new offensive coordinator Alex Mortensen HERE. You can help show your support for the podcast by purchasing a shirt and/or hoodie HERE.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: NIT Quarterfinals UAB Vanderbilt Preview (3/21)”

  1. Thomas Johnson

    Good Morning Gentlemen,
    My fandom for UAB basketball has been off the charts all season long. I have spent a bunch of money on Blazer gear this year.
    It is killing me not to be able to go up to Nashville to watch the Blazers in person.
    I knew before this season really began that this was going to be a special team. Although, they gave me some serious doubts in that middle stretch of conference play. I believe UAB has all the tools to go up to Vanderbilt and beat them. Can or will they is going to be determined on Wednesday. I am praying for a Blazer Victory and what for sure would be a special trip to Las Vegas for the team.
    If they do not come out with the win, this group of young men need to hold their head high, that they have accomplished a ton of great stuff this season. I am so proud for this team, and the level of excitement I have felt going and watching this team in person or on tv.
    I hope your next Podcast is a celebratory one discussing a trip to Vegas, etc. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to you guys this season, and I hope you keep making more Podcasts about this season (IE: they keep winning). I am not ready for this season to end.
    Thomas Johnson

    1. Hey Thomas! We appreciate you listening to the show and taking time to comment on the site.

      Tomorrow’s game is an opportunity for the Blazers to pull off a massive win in front of a national audience. We, too, hope we will be celebrating on our next pod! Go Blazers.

  2. I bought $210 of Blazer gear at the last game vs Morehead State. The black long sleeve light weight polo with the classic blaze emblem GB embroidered on the upper left side made by Port Authority is a must!!! A bit pricy at $80, but it’s very handsome on me I must admit. Here’s hoping my Blazers bring home a victory in Nashville tonight. Whatever the outcome, they have been a joyous entertainment to watch this season. Congratulations team and Coach AK on a fabulous season! GO BLAZERS!!!

  3. Plan on purchasing a Blazer Victory Podcast gray sweat pull over with hoodie because it’s going to look fantastic on me and support the 3 musketeers who do such a great job analyzing and commenting on UAB sports. Btw please keep us informed on the current improvements being made to the FB Operations Facilities —new paint & redesigns to be completed by June 1st. Thanks for all you do in supporting our Blazers!

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