1 thought on “UAB Football Spring Game Recap (4/7)”

  1. Thomas Johnson

    Happy Easter John, Darrion, and Jimmy.
    First a little advice from an older dad with one about to graduate high school, relish the time when they are little and the excitement of egg hunts, what they got in their easter basket, and the magic and wonder of being a little kid. It goes bye really fast.
    Alright, The Pod cast (thought it was funny they turned off the lights on you at the stadium.)
    From your description it sounds over all positive, for sure the 1st 1/2 of the game.
    It sounded like from your description UAB is going to have a good defense this season. That gives me hope that the team will represent well in their first year in the AAC. It feels like many are saying the over/under for wins this season is 5. I am going to go with 7 wins this season. That might be a bold prediction, but….
    Very much looking forward to The Patreon only podcast on basketball recruiting, and Jimmy’s info on the basketball recruiting, transfer portal updates, and other important info. Be well and Stay dry. Blaze On!!!

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