UAB Football Season Expectations, Brief Overview of the AAC, and Athlon All-AAC Selections (6/1)

Photo by UAB Athletics

In this episode of the Blazer Victory Podcast, the guys discuss UAB football’s season expectations (at least in June), Brett McMurphy’s bowl projections, brief overview of the AAC, Athlon’s All-AAC preseason team, and a lot more. Don’t forget to become a member of the Blazer Victory Patreon and gain access to exclusive episodes each month by signing up HERE.

6 thoughts on “UAB Football Season Expectations, Brief Overview of the AAC, and Athlon All-AAC Selections (6/1)”

  1. Thomas Johnson

    Good Morning Guys,
    Just finished listening to the free show. I am very excited about what to see UAB can do this football season. I so want to be on the camp of the team getting to 7 wins. I am excited about the opening Thursday night game, as it will be not be competing against too many other games that evening. I have decided not to buy season tickets for football, but for sure planning on going to the opening game and the Memphis game, for the battle of the bones. By not buying season tickets it is allowing me to upgrade my basketball tickets which I have already moved and hope to move again when additional seats will open up around September 1st. Now with tomorrow’s patreon is it still a Podcast or will there be a video to watch Darion’s XO breakdown? Keep up the good work guys. Was thinking maybe at the end of the football season maybe you guys doing a get together at Buffalo Wild Wings, Walkon’s, or another restaurant. I think that would be really fun, and I have met John in person, but not had the opportunity to Meet Jimmy or Darion in person.
    Thomas Johnson

    1. Hey Thomas,

      Thanks so much for commenting and supporting us. To answer your question about the Patreon show tomorrow it will still be a podcast and we can’t wait to hear what our patrons think about it.

      Thanks again,

  2. It was wrong that we haven’t really gotten to experience the strobe effect with the stadium lights. It happened extensively during the 59-0 home opener vs. Alabama A&M last year on 9/1/22, and towards the end of the games against UTSA and North Texas on 11/5/22 and 11/12/22.
    Legion and USFL fans also got to see it quite a bit.

  3. Nice show fellas and enjoy the podcast everytime.

    Darion mentioned he’s just looking at the process. I’m a little older and remember that coaches got at least 4 years to get their system and their guys in place. Its Dilfer’s 1st year and I’ll give him that. With that said, I’m looking for improvements.

    *Less penalties.
    *Being able to stay on the gas and put a team away.
    *The defense is a mystery with Dilfer’s DC coming from high school.

    Keep up the great product.

  4. Don’t sleep on Mayala. I’ve heard he had a sneaky good spring. Still has 3 maybe 4 years of eligibility……

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