UAB Louisiana Game Recap (1-2) Sponsored by Cahaba Brewing Co. (9/16/23)

Photo by UAB Athletics

In this episode of the Blazer Victory Podcast, the guys recap UAB’s 41-21 loss to Louisiana. Listen here:

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4 thoughts on “UAB Louisiana Game Recap (1-2) Sponsored by Cahaba Brewing Co. (9/16/23)”

  1. I thought we would show up. I was wrong. So wrong.
    I am flabbergasted. I’m an old man. I’ve never seen anything like these last 2 games. Even during Callaway, McGee, Vincent and lots of Clark games.
    Coaching is struggling but these players are really bad. Really bad. Bad.
    In today’s world, because of the pay for play mentality, players are now fair game.
    We might win 3-4 games.
    Can we build off this?
    Sure. With improved coaching AND better players.

  2. Hey guys,
    That was a very disappointing game last night. I so want to believe that after Georgia, this team can bounce back. It felt like the team played so much better against Georgia Southern last week than they did last night.
    I think coach Dilfer and the staff he amassed are good & capable of leading this teams to wins.
    I so want to look at the glass half full, but I fully understand what you guys were saying. Just think of the Alabama fans losing their sh$&@ right now with their struggles. I appreciate all that you guys do. It’s a double edge sword, because y’all are not just like the regular news. Reporting the scores, stats, etc. you guys are fans like us, and it sucks when the team you follow and have a relationship with struggle.

  3. Our sideline was lifeless. We’ve gone from having a top ten defense to being unable to tackle and wrap up. We were embarrassed at home. This was a miserable performance.

    As to the black uniforms, I never want to see them again. We’re UAB. Wear Green, dammit.

    I’ve seen a lot of bad UAB football over the years, but this game was on the level of the infamous South Florida monsoon game at Legion Field or the worst of the Garrick McGee years.

    How am I supposed to invite my friends to come to a UAB game in good faith when this is the product that we put on the field?

    Dilfer needs to hold several Come to Jesus meetings and maybe bus the team over to Legion Field to run the stairs. This was a very poor effort.

  4. Only 2 things to say: This pod was cathartic after that disaster of an evening last night. And… Ouch, that one hurt. Go Blazers

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