TURNAROUND! UAB South Florida Game Recap (2-4) Sponsored by Cahaba Brewing Co. (10/7/23)

Photo by UAB Athletics

In this episode of the Blazer Victory Podcast, the guys recap UAB’s 56-35 win over South Florida that puts the Blazers at 2-4 overall and 1-1 in the AAC. Listen here:

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5 thoughts on “TURNAROUND! UAB South Florida Game Recap (2-4) Sponsored by Cahaba Brewing Co. (10/7/23)”

  1. Good morning guys,
    First of all congratulations to the Marion family on baby #2.
    On to the game I’m so glad to see UAB play so much better, and I hope this the turnaround and UAB keeps improving & keeps winning.

    On to the only negative of this game was the time. It took approximately 4:15.
    There was a total of 20 penalties 11 for UAB and 9 for USF.
    I thought the new game changes to the clock were to get the game to 3 hours or less.
    Keep up the good work guys. I’m glad to be part of the Blazer Victory Community!
    Thomas Johnson

    1. the worst bad part of the game ,,,,was the ref …the ex jock aka muscle man ,,,,,everytime we got a johnny bravo as a ref ,,,,,the game is so often interrupted 🙂 ,,they love to be on TV
      We saw the blazer turn around against Georgia ,,play great against Tulane and we destroy an average team at home
      with freshman ,,,,
      we dont have a back up qb 🙁

  2. Like basketball, when you play good, better, best competition, you either fold or improve.
    Looks we decided to improve.
    Now, will these youngins get the big head or will they understand they can do even better?

  3. Congratulations to the Marion family! Saw John and Darion up on the jumbotron, briefly, which was cool. Those refs were something else. They reviewed every other play and occasionally reviewed their own reviews.
    That was an awesome victory! Go Blazers!

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