UAB Memphis ‘Battle for the Bones’ Rivalry Game Preview (10/18/23)

Photo by UAB Athletics

Listen to the Blazer Victory Podcast as the guys preview what to look for in UAB’s rivalry game against Memphis this Saturday, give score predictions, and a lot more. Listen to the episode here:

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2 thoughts on “UAB Memphis ‘Battle for the Bones’ Rivalry Game Preview (10/18/23)”

  1. Good morning Gentlemen,
    I am hoping for a super positive outcome for this game. Hate for this beautiful trophy to go back to Memphis.
    I am sure the coaching staff will do all they can to get the team ready for the game. I am hoping your predictions are wrong on this game.
    Hopefully Skull busts 100 rushing yards and UAB pulls out a hard-fought win. I hope john is having a great vacation, and a wonderful anniversary trip. I already wished Darion a happy birthday on Instagram, but I hope he had a great birthday with his family and Friends. Hope the Marion family are getting a tiny bit of sleep. I remember my daughter never wanted to sleep when I needed to sleep.
    Hopefully, I will see you guys at the game if you are attending. I’m guessing John will not be there as he is coming back from the beach on Saturday.
    Just Blaze & (Don’t stop believing)

  2. It makes a huge difference to the players to look up and see the stands full of Blazer fans. Come on down and stay until the final whistle.
    Go Blazers!

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