Patreon ($): How Does UAB Basketball Bounce Back? (11/30/23)

Photo by UAB Athletics

Listen HERE to this Patreon exclusive episode where the guys discuss what happened in UAB’s ugly home loss to McNeese and look ahead to how the team can bounce back this Friday at home against Southern Miss.

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2 thoughts on “Patreon ($): How Does UAB Basketball Bounce Back? (11/30/23)”

  1. What they need to do is find out who can handle the ball going past mid court and also learning how to shoot the basketball on the perimeter CONSISTENTLY. This team has been inconsistently shooting the basketball. For example Yaxel scored over 20 points in the win over Furman. Then all of a sudden he scores only 8 points against McNesse State on Tuesday night like what’s going on. Another thing is that our front court cannot stay out of foul trouble. Our guards are putting themselves in difficult positions on the court to where they end up turning the ball over. Another thing is that our transition defense is awful and it needs to be fixed. Our defensive rebound and our inability to box out on a missed shot has got to improve. Free throw shooting has to get better or it’s going to be a long season. Another thing is playing with great effort and great edge and with a focus mentality for 40 minutes that is another thing that this team is missing. And last is leadership we lack leadership on this team. We have so many older guys on this team and none of them are willing to step up and be leaders on this team which bothers me.

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