UAB Basketball Arkansas State Game Recap Sponsored by Cahaba Brewing Co. (12/11/23)

Photo by UAB Athletics

In this episode of the Blazer Victory Podcast, the guys recap UAB’s loss at Arkansas State and discuss what needs to happen to get the season going in the right direction. Listen here:

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1 thought on “UAB Basketball Arkansas State Game Recap Sponsored by Cahaba Brewing Co. (12/11/23)”

  1. Hey guys,
    Been down in the dumps that the teams has not looked good these last games. I’m at a bit of a loss to what has changed….
    I love this basketball team UAB in general, and will be rooting for these guys every home game in person. I’m also going to Alabama A&M on Wednesday. Hoping the next 2 games are the turnaround this team needs.
    Lastly, some so called UAB fans been trashing the players on Social Media which is deplorable and I was glad to see Mr. Irvine’s comments on social media denouncing such deplorable behavior.
    Thomas Johnson

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