3 thoughts on “Podcast: Interview w/ UAB Head Football Coach Trent Dilfer”

  1. Matthew J Bouchard

    I Like Trent Dilfer as a hire for UAB/ Trent has put together a strong staff and recruits and Trent immediately was involved in the Bowl Game when Trent did not have to. Trent is highly involved with the Birmingham people and players. Trent is skilled in Education, Football and Family. Trent speaks with a soft passion for the Love of the Game, and I realize the respect in what he says. Trent will be Loud on Game Day. Trent is waiting for the People to Stand behind his investment with what he has done in an instance of opportunity. Trent Dilfer will get the job done he is a Proven winner in every aspect of life he has done check Trent Dilfer’s Staff and all players of yes UAB for quick Strides so quickly he has done be loud and proud for Trent Dilfer. Trent and coaches and new and existing players will mend as one for the pride of Birmingham.

  2. Great interview, guys! Really helped to get a feel for what Coach Dilfer is going to be about. Looking forward to this new era for UAB football! Go Blazers!

  3. Good representative for the university. He has excellent communicational skills and a very charismatic personality. He and the team will be fun to watch this upcoming season! I will be there for every home game and in Athens since I live nearby. Go Blazers!

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