1 thought on “Conference USA Tournament Special Podcast: Semifinals UAB North Texas Preview (3/9)”

  1. Thomas Johnson

    Hello Guys,
    I am so glad I found this podcast close to the beginning of Basketball season. I have really enjoyed listening to you guys and your opinions on the games. I feel like today is the put up or shut up day. Either UAB finally gets past North Texas or it’s a ride to the NIT. I feel like the key to the game is not being sloppy with the ball, as North will snatch and score a quick transition 3. I think Coach Kennedy has finally realized that Eric Gains has potential to score a lot of points but, he also gets very lose with the ball, and has had the most inopportune turnovers. I feel like Coach Kennedy is going to limit his playing time especially if he starts making some of those poor decisions. Obviously getting Usman in foul trouble early would be the best.
    Perfect Case Scenario: Jelly goes for 30+, Usman gets knocked out early, Jemison and Davis have a fantastic defensive game. Don’t let them have the uncontested 3’s.

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