2 thoughts on “Conference USA Tournament Special Podcast: Championship UAB FAU Preview (3/10)”

  1. What a game! If UAB can lock in on their defensive potential tomorrow night against FAU, we’re going to the big dance! Good luck fellas and GO BLAZERS!

  2. Thomas Johnson

    John & All,
    This is one of my favorite pod casts of the season. What a game UAB played yesterday. North Texas did make a valiant comeback effort, but the boys managed to hold them off and see UAB back in the Championship game of the Conference USA Tournament.
    I am so hoping for a similar performance as yesterday. FAU looked so tough their first game, but MTSU did show that they can be beaten.
    Perfect Case Scenario -Jelly for a 30+ performance again, Trey and Davis be the defensive machines they can be.
    I still think coach Kennedy needs to limit Gaines playing time if he gets loose with that ball.
    Also hoping for great performances from the Brewer Brothers. Hopefully Later tonight’s POD cast is a celebration one.
    Go Blazer’s #WinasOne

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