1 thought on “Conference USA Tournament Special Podcast: Championship Game Recap”

  1. Thomas Johnson

    Hey Guys,
    That one stung a lot. It felt UAB struggled to hit the shots they hit all season long. Once the shot bounced off the hoop it felt like it always fell into an FAU players hand. Golden blocked shots, kind of like the way WKU’s sharp did in our loss at Bartow to them.
    I was disappointed that the team got frustrated as they fell further behind, bad fouls the 2nd half, and they were giving up the uncontested 3’s. They became like 5 individuals on the court, not the cohesive team they were towards the end of the season.
    Still was a great season with a lot of excitement. I still believe Jelly will be a star in whatever basketball league he ends up in.
    I assume as long as UAB accepts a bid to the NIT, and we are hosting I’m buying tickets for the game.
    I’m also excited to see who Coach Kennedy brings in from the portal, and recruits for next season.
    I would be for you guys doing a NIT Podcast. I look forward to future Podcasts to come.

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