Podcast: NIT Second Round UAB Morehead State Preview (3/17)

Photo by UAB Athletics (uabsports.com)

John Duncan, Darion Smith, and Jimmy Marion recap UAB’s win over Southern Miss in the first round of the NIT, preview UAB’s second round matchup against Morehead State, and take a look at the NIT bracket. In case you missed John’s postgame article from the Southern Miss game you can still read it HERE.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: NIT Second Round UAB Morehead State Preview (3/17)”

  1. Thomas Johnson

    Hello Guys,
    First of all, this has been a dream basketball season with some heart breaks along the way. I was able to go to all 18 regular season home games, 1 away game, and now 2 NIT games. I was thinking during senior night I’ m going to really miss coming to Bartow on a once to 2 times a week basis.
    In regard to Moorehead State, I think Clemson took them for granted as an easy cake walk, and then Clemson went and played like dog crap. I am hoping that UAB continues to stay hungry and not let their guard down or start looking ahead to the matchup against Vandy or Michigan.
    Dream Scenario -Jelly Scores 30+, KJ Buffen and Trey Jemison pound it in the paint each getting double doubles, and UAB wins by 20.

    John, I was hoping that you were going to talk about hanging w/Coach Sanderson and your interaction with him. He was on WJOX today and said that Coach Kennedy has already invited him to the game Sunday. I hope to see you at the game Sunday and say hi. Have really enjoyed the Podcast and look forward to future episodes. I did order a T-shirt about a week ago.

    Last thing: Regarding your topic about Win the NIT or just appear in the NCAA Tournament. I am hoping UAB does just that. I can’t say it because my wife has got me superstitious, but….

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